Esalen Massage by Lee Edelberg


G.M.S., General Contractor, Haydenville, MA

“I can't honestly remember ever getting a bad massage.”
But there's "good" and then there's "great" and Lee falls into the latter category in every way. From start to finish he managed to find just about all of my knots and kinks and gave them all the attention they so sorely needed using techniques I had never experienced before. Ahhhh... I went in tight and I came out right. Lee is an outstanding masseur.

K.B., Attorney, Montague, MA

“The experience transports me to a blissful and peaceful place.”
The sense of utter relaxation and renewal from Lee's massage lasts for days afterwards. It has become an essential part of my self-care.

J.B.G., Writer, Easthampton, MA

“Lee puts in a lot of effort to make a massage fit the person.”
He takes his work seriously. His massages are an art form. One thing that's great about Lee's massage technique is the long strokes that made me realize my body parts are actually all connected. Lee doesn't massage your back and then your legs and then your arms. There are continuous strokes, delivered with just the right amount of pressure, that move from one area to another, blending them.

L.E., Massage Therapist, Virginia

“It was everything that I like, ask for and seldom get in a massage.”
Just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous massage.

E.T., Reiki Practitioner, Amherst, MA

“A lovely blend of deep muscle and energy work”
[that] soothes the body and mind and lifts the spirit!

R.E., Graphic Designer, Easthampton, MA

“I've left each session feeling better and wishing I could have slowed time during the course of the massage.”
I've had three massages with Lee so far and have really appreciated his knowledge and know-how.

L.A., artist, performer, Northampton, MA

“Receiving a therapeutic massage from Lee is a special experience.”
He creates a safe and respectful environment for his clients, which is especially important to me as a woman. Lee is highly intuitive as well as skilled, which is a potent combination! I think you will enjoy working with him; I know I do.