Esalen Massage by Lee Edelberg

Edelberg Massage - Specializing in Esalen Massage

Lee Edelberg, a licensed massage therapist, is trained in the art and finesse of Esalen® massage, a style of massage that offers a physical, emotional – and healing– experience. 

Developed at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, Esalen massage is based on a perfect combination of many massage and bodywork techniques. It calls on Swedish roots and offers long, slow strokes, rocking, passive stretching and focused deeper tissue work.

An Esalen massage is more than just relaxing. An Esalen massage is integrating and grounding, helping the muscles to breathe and the mind to let go. 

At his studio in Florence, Massachusetts, Lee offers sessions which he adapts to your needs – be it for classic restoration, sports massage or more core body work centered around the skeletal muscles of the hips, abdomen and lower back.

Lee works with clients of all ages and needs, and he looks upon his Esalen massage as a blend of science and art.

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