Esalen Massage by Lee Edelberg

Benefits of Esalen Massage

Esalen® massage was developed at Esalen Institute in a breath-taking setting on the cliffs of Big Sur, CA, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It has Swedish roots and a massage style informed by some of the most influential body workers of our time, including Ida Rolf and Moshé Feldenkrais.

The premise of an Esalen massage is based on the simple yet profound idea that sensitive, non-demanding touch can create a sense of well-being. In its seeming simplicity it has a dramatic impact. With an Esalen massage even deep-tissue treatment is not uncomfortable but instead is relaxing and transporting.


Lee Edelberg, a licensed massage therapist, is trained and certified by Esalen Institute to offer this trademarked style. Through an Esalen massage you will connect with Lee as he uses techniques that include long, slow strokes, rocking, focused deep work and passive stretching to soothe the muscles and joints. Lee develops a connection with your needs through touch, breath, visual cues and intuition.

Lee has tailored his sessions to three levels from which you can choose:

  • A classic 75-minute Esalen massage: For the person who wants to relax and feel restored and rejuvenated.
  • A modified, heavier sports massage: For the more physically-active person who may have aches and pains that are either specific to one area of the body or more general in nature.
  • Core work: For those experienced in receiving body work who want to take their experience to a new level. The core massage is centered around the psoas muscle, which serves as a bridge between the upper body and the legs. Careful, respectful work with the psoas and surrounding muscles can unlock and release physical and emotional tension resulting from trauma.